One-on-One Mentorship

A Journey for Personal and Professional Transformation or Womb Healing

Work with the power of your cycle to ignite growth, transformation and balance

This is for women who are determined to invest in their transformation and growth

reach your highest potential

This is a safe and structured space where we will meet fortnightly to soften into vulnerability, strength, and power, thereby creating your masterpiece – an offering to yourself.

Here, we work with the power of your cycle to ignite growth, transformation and balance. Together we will create a customised plan that meets your individual needs and goals. J’anaki will use her knowledge and experience to help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit, and to achieve your highest potential.

Connect with a Cycle-Aware Mentor

Whether you are looking to heal from past trauma, overcome challenges, or reach your full potential, J’anaki can help you. She offers a variety of services, including counselling, yoga, meditation, journaling, and support groups to guide and support you throughout your journey.

Wouldn’t you want this?


This is a 4-month program, with the option to renew.

Who’s it for

Women who are determined to invest in their transformation, growth and wish to reach their highest potential.

*Here, we work with the power of your menstrual cycle or womb SPACE to ignite growth and transformation (you don’t need to have a womb or to be cycling to work with the power of the womb SPACE within you).


R20 000 or R5000/month

“She pushed me to explore myself, my inherited beliefs and relationship patterns deeply, and ultimately helped me to do the work I needed to do to step into my own authority and lean into, and trust what is always unfolding for me if I live in line with my Divine purpose. Do not expect superficial manuals and tick-box exercises. When you work with J’anaki you will be drawn into deep and messy work. But you will emerge changed and empowered and you will have embodied what she offers in such a way that you can make it your own.”

Lauren Graham

Co-Owner of Soul Space, researcher, lay pastor, Anam Cara, Soul Space holder, Ceremonialist