Feminine mentorship for the professional woman who is ready to elevate her wellness practice

Using cyclical awareness, yoga, and menstruality mentorship pods to help you unlock your body’s natural wisdom and step into your most empowered and awakened self

Paving your way into the future, a space where peace, pace, and profits collide

Meet J’anaki, your guide, and trained expert…

I’m Kristy (otherwise known as J’anaki), and my passion is helping Wellness Practitioners find satisfaction in their work by revolutionizing how they do business.

I specialize in balancing Feminine Wellness with grounded business mentorship, allowing practitioners to thrive without stress.

After elevating the Red Tent movement within South Africa in 2015, I decided to launch the SHE Academy where I train Red Tent Facilitators and Women’s Wellness Practitioners on how to hold their own sacred wellness spaces. I have recently set up an NPO for The Global Womb and Wellbeing Collective.

With 14 years of experience and expertise in running five Women’s Wellness businesses, I’ve helped countless practitioners step into or elevate their Professional Private Practice.

So, if you’re a Wellness Practitioner ready to balance feminine wellness with grounded business mentorship and make a real impact, I’m here to serve you!

Let’s unlock your highest potential and help you to leave your mark within the wellness industry.

I am here to help you…

Find the confidence, courage and conviction to build a business that supports your unique energy and dreams

14 years of industry experience.
Assisted over 1000 wellness professionals.
Built 5 successful wellness businesses.

“She pushed me to explore myself, my inherited beliefs and relationship patterns deeply, and ultimately helped me to do the work I needed to do to step into my own authority and lean into, and trust what is always unfolding for me if I live in line with my Divine purpose. Do not expect superficial manuals and tick-box exercises. When you work with J’anaki you will be drawn into deep and messy work. But you will emerge changed and empowered and you will have embodied what she offers in such a way that you can make it your own.”

Lauren Graham

Co-Owner of Soul Space, researcher, lay pastor, Anam Cara, Soul Space holder, Ceremonialist

“As she whisks you on a path of discovery of self and beyond, J’anaki holds space for the unseen to step in and to be witnessed, she allows for the flow of life and you to unfold naturally, not as anyone or discipline demands it to be. AND all without having too many rules. BUT when she needs some lines to be drawn and commitment to be upheld, she has those too and she can arrange those ducks in neat little rows seemingly effortlessly. So for me, I interpret her approach as an art, one where you dance as the music dictates but to your own unique, INTUITIVE interpretation. You are free to be YOU, guided by her teachings, whether it be for business support, yoga teaching, community support or transformation… the magic will unfurl as the energy of the space brings you closer to YOU.”

Andria Joubert

Business Analyst, Owner – Haseya Sisterhood, Space holder, Ceremonialist, Songbird

Are we a good fit?

I work with established women in the wellness space who are self-motivated and driven to succeed, but not at the expense of their own health and well-being.

I value kindness, radiance, sobriety, authenticity, and tenacity. Our work together will be a breeze if:

    1. You value investing in your wellness and ongoing education.
    2. You look on the bright side of life in between the hard times – you can laugh at yourself and the peculiarities of life.
    3. You know you are ‘different’ and you are not afraid to own that spark.
    4. You don’t ever give up on your dreams; you understand that there are no quick fixes and we’re in this for the long run.

Take the leap and anchor in the transformation you have always dreamed of embodying.

Ready to embark on your journey home to an embodied, vibrant, radiant YOU? Here is how we can work together…


Weekly Cyclical-Informed Classes for Life-Integration

Yoga classes are designed to support women who are looking to integrate cyclical awareness and business goals. Specifically formulated to gently and kindly integrate your growing pains as you evolve in your personal and professional transformation.

Menstruality Mentorship Pods

Collaboration, Transformation and Success

A safe and supportive space for like-minded professionals to meet, offering guidance and support to help you understand your menstrual or energetic cycle and how it affects your productivity, creativity, and energy levels.

Red Tent Facilitator & Womb Wellness Practitioner Training

Honouring cyclical awareness at the heart of life

A 13-month online program which covers a wide range of topics related to women’s health, wellness and spirituality. Focuses on building the confidence, courage and leadership you need to become a Wellness Practitioner of vast integrity.

One-on-One Mentorship

Personal and Professional Transformation or Womb Healing

Whether you are looking to heal from past trauma, overcome challenges, or reach your full potential, I offer a variety of services, including yoga, counselling, meditation, journaling, and support groups to guide and support you through your journey.

Ready to take the leap and anchor in the transformation you have always dreamed of embodying?

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