The Yoga Space

Weekly Cyclical-Informed Classes for Life-Integration

Supporting women who are looking to integrate cyclical awareness and business goals

Integrate the principles of cyclical yoga into your life

These yoga classes are designed to support women who are looking to integrate cyclical awareness and business goals. Specifically formulated to gently and kindly integrate your growing pains as you evolve in your personal and professional transformation, these classes will focus on:

  • Understanding the different phases of our cycle and how this affects our energy levels, productivity, and creativity.
  • Practising yoga poses that are specific to each phase of our menstrual or energetic cycle.
  • Learning how to use yoga to manage stress and anxiety, and to improve focus and concentration.
  • Integrating the principles of cyclical yoga into your business and personal life.

Classes held in a safe and supportive space where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences and challenges

The benefits of

attending this class include

Increased understanding of your cycle and how it affects your body and mind
Improved productivity and creativity
Reduced stress and anxiety
Stronger focus and concentration

Who’s it for

Women who are needing to increase their levels of vitality and energy, as well as be held in an emotionally supportive space as they move through the daily challenges of their personal and professional lives.

* We work with the power of your menstrual cycle, or womb SPACE to ignite growth and transformation (you don’t need to have a womb or to be cycling to work with the power of the womb SPACE within you).


R1 200 per month

“So this morning I was at a loss for words to describe how the session went. All I could muster was ‘thank you’.
Is it possible for something to feel so beautiful that you can’t bear it? That’s how it felt for me.
I’m still feeling the energy, its electric, it could light up the whole country.”


Yoga Attendee