SHE Academy Facilitator Training
13 month immersion

Your Pathway to Becoming a Certified Women’s Wellness Practitioner

For women who are ready to work with Wellness, honouring cyclical awareness at the heart of life

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A SHE Academy Certified Qualification

Unlock the Potential Within You

At SHE Academy, we strive to be more than a conventional educational institution. We offer you an accredited programme designed not merely to educate but to transform, to empower, and to build a community.

Take your first step on this transformative journey. Equip yourself to become a a Certified Women’s Wellness Practitioner., with a particular focus on Womb Healing and Cyclical Intelligence.

It’s high time to reconnect with your inherent wisdom, to become an embodied woman entirely in tune with her own cyclical intelligence. It’s time to return home – to you.

Enrolment Closes Soon!








Unlock the Future of Women’s Wellness

Unveiling the crystallisation of years of profound research, practice, and personal journeying—this is SHE Academy’s Facilitator Training, your vanguard in advancing your Women’s Wellness Practice.
This unparalleled package grants you lifetime access to an array of resources designed with meticulous care to inform and transform

What We All Truly Seek

  • To transition from feeling disconnected, stuck, and overwhelmed to experiencing the freedom to flow in our work.
  • To discover a training programme that supports us along this transformative journey.
  • To attain the skills, confidence, and capability to guide others in women’s wellness, transcending feelings of inadequacy.
  • To be part of a community that understands and supports us—a network of like-minded professionals and peers who are with us every step.

Are You Ready to Get Raw and Real?

To Delve Deep into the Core of your Being?
… and Hold Space for the Expansion of Womankind, Too?

The Unspoken Struggles of Menstrual Cycles — Time for a Reality Check

Do you view your menstrual cycles as an obstacle rather than a source of cyclical intelligence?
Terms like ‘Shark week,’ ‘that time of the month,’ or ‘she’s just cranky because she’s on’ — these are prejudicial and patriarchal remarks we’ve almost resigned ourselves to tolerate and even agree with at times.
Over the years, we’ve become distanced from our own bodies, adapting to societal norms at the cost of our natural rhythms. But what if these burdens aren’t truly yours to bear?
Your body isn’t just a vessel; it’s a sophisticated code for creating life. And yes, you can leverage your natural cycles to thrive in unprecedented ways.

It’s high time to reconnect with your inherent wisdom, to become an embodied woman entirely in tune with her own cyclical intelligence. It’s time to return home—to you.


The SHE Academy
At SHE Academy, we strive to be more than a conventional educational institution. We offer you an accredited programme designed not merely to educate but to transform, to empower, and to build a community.

What We Offer

Certified Qualification in Women’s Wellness

It’s not merely another course, but an accredited programme designed to give you a credential that’s respected across the industry.

Personal Transformation

Our curriculum is rooted in holistic wellness and cyclical intelligence, offering not just education but a transformation of the self.

Community and Mentorship

Engage with a robust network of like-minded individuals and mentors who will offer invaluable support, insights, and camaraderie throughout your journey.

It’s not just about learning; it’s about evolving into the best version of yourself while acquiring the skills to guide others in their wellness journey. Choose to prioritise your growth, wellness, and education today.

Our Three Sacred Promises

With SHE Academy, you don’t just buy a service; you invest in a transformative experience—a chance to redefine yourself and your relationship with women’s wellness.

Here is our promise to you…


We promise you a journey that goes beyond superficial changes, diving deep into the authentic core of your being


Unlock your innate greatness and stand taller—both literally and metaphorically.


Experience a compassionate approach that lifts the veil on your self-imposed limitations.

What’s Included in the

SHE Academy’s Facilitator Training

Unlock the future of Women’s Wellness with our Facilitator Training—a lifetime resource that promises to inform and transform.

Twenty six Live 2 hour Workshops

Focusing on each stage of your menstrual cycle awareness and wellness practitioners training, these workshops provide you with vital know-how and practical skills, as well as a place for  powerful and nurturing integration.

Value: $2 000

Manuals, text books and workbooks

Refined over years and years of training, we have created in-depth materials to support, educate and guide you every step of the way along your transformative journey.

Value: $400

1-Year Access to Live Group Q&A and Monthly Coaching
Tap into a reservoir of continued guidance and encouragement.

Value: $1 500

Access to Our Sacred Facebook Community
Meet your sisterhood of empowered women who cheer and challenge you equally.

Priceless: Our gift to you.

juicy bonuses

90-minute private coaching session with J'anaki Ashira

J’anaki Ashira, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, medicine woman and cyclical awareness mentor. These calls will give you the opportunity to learn from J’anaki’s expertise and experience.

Value: $150

One year's subscription to The Yoga Space Class and Recordings Library

A great way to manage the physical and emotional demands of life on the go, at a time and place that suit you.

Value: $240

Cost of Investment

Total Value

$4 570

Regular Price

$2 650

Early Bird Price

$2 100

(valid until 25th February 2024)

(Registration closes end of February)

South African residents benefit from special ZAR rates (early bird price) and payment plan options (over 3, 6 or 12 Months).

Scholarships: 50% scholarships are available for marginalized communities and socio-economically challenged backgrounds.

Investing in your development

Investing in your development through our Sacred Feminine Wellness Practitioner Programme is a commitment to your yourself.  YOU are your business; by investing in yourself you are shifting things in your business.

Who Should Enroll?

Are You a Seeker?

If you’re searching for a deeper understanding of yourself and how to balance your inner cycles, you’ve come to the right place.

Are You a Wellness Professional?

Whether you’re a psychologist, dietitian, or holistic health coach, our courses can provide you with the tools to better serve yourself and your clientele.

Are You a Career Changer?

If you’re looking to shift into a more fulfilling role that allows you to positively impact women’s lives, then SHE Academy can arm you with the credentials and knowledge to make that transition.

Are You Simply Curious?

Even if you’re not looking to change careers or deepen an existing practice, but you are curious about holistic wellness for women, SHE Academy has a place for you.

Still Not Sure?

We understand that enrolling in a course is a significant commitment. That’s why we offer a 20-minute Discovery Call to help you decide if SHE Academy is the right fit for you.


Can I pay in payment plans?
Absolutely, to make the journey easier on your purse strings, I offer 13 month payment plans.
Is this training online and in person?
The training is online as we have a global community. We do a kick-off and closing retreat in-person but it does not affect the overall certification if you can not mkae that.
How does the online training work?
First, you select the time-slot group which suits you best of the 3, then we meet fortnightly. Each coaching session lasts 2 hours, here we will integrate, connect and share on the online learning content designated for that fortnightly period, sometimes its practical, sometimes its theoretical.
How does access to the program work?
Upon payment, you’ll gain immediate and lifetime access to the entire programme and we’ll connect you with your training group’s private chat space. I recommend also attending the in-person kick-off retreat prior to the online training starting. But this is not essential.
Is the SHE Academy accredited?
The SHE Academy offers certified courses, and our programmes are constructed based on tried-and-tested methods in the field of holistic wellness. We are accredited as Holistic Counselors by ASCHP the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (for counseling) as well as The Yoga Alliance Intentional (for embodiment practices).
What level of experience do I need to join the courses at SHE Academy?
Our courses cater to a wide range of experience levels, from beginners interested in holistic wellness to seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their expertise. There is an application process to vet mutual compatibility.
Can I interact directly with instructors?
Absolutely. Our faculty is committed to your learning and growth. You can interact with us through live Q&A sessions, and some courses offer one-to-one mentorship.
Are the courses self-paced?
Whilst our programmes are based on community support and mentorship, meeting fortnightly for the duration of your training, this can be done in such a way that does not overwhelm you. A firm value of ours is peace and pace – easy does it. Although we follow a structured timetable, there is plenty of room for incorporating life’s ups and downs.
What kind of post-course support does SHE Academy offer?
Once you complete a course, you have the option of becoming a part of the SHE Academy’s post-graduate community, which means you will continuously be able to access our updated trainings, learnings, workshops and support circles in an ongoing basis. The aim is to offer ongoing support as you put your learning into practice, forever!
What is your refund policy?
We are confident in our courses’ value, but we also understand that circumstances can change. We offer a refund within a certain period, 14 days after the course starts, provided you have not yet accessed a the online course materials.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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