about j’anaki

I’m Kristy (otherwise known as J’anaki), and my passion is helping Wellness Practitioners find satisfaction in their work by revolutionizing how they do business.

I specialize in balancing Feminine Wellness with grounded business mentorship, allowing practitioners to thrive without stress.

Following my pregnancy in 2009, I moved beyond the corporate space and became a Pregnancy Yoga Specialist and so my passion for the womb began! I later became a Fertility Yoga Specialist, then a Lifeline Counsellor for women with Womb Trauma. In 2011 I completed Shamanic Studies to then serve the work energetically, emotionally (counselling), and physically (yoga).

After elevating the Red Tent movement within South Africa in 2015, I decided to launch the SHE Academy where I train Red Tent Facilitators and Women’s Wellness Practitioners on how to hold their own sacred wellness spaces. I have recently set up an NPO for The Global Womb and Wellbeing Collective so that we may offer the work to those in deep need, without the means to access the care they require to heal from Womb-based Trauma, Gender Based Violence and Period Poverty.

With 14 years of experience and expertise in running five Women’s Wellness businesses, I’ve helped countless practitioners step into or elevate their Professional Private Practice.

My portfolio spans running and selling a successful yoga studio, developing various programmes, and training thousands of women across various disciplines. I bring my diverse qualifications and global training experience to the SHE Academy, including the recent initiative—a Global Womb & Well-being NPO.

My motivation comes from valuing my freedom, spending quality time with my daughter, and prioritizing my personal transformation and wellness.

Let’s unlock your highest potential and help you to leave your mark within the wellness industry.

Shit got real!

Covid really stirred things up, and people are paying more attention to their health than ever before. In fact, the Global Wellness Industry is estimated to grow to 7 trillion dollars by 2025! This means that you are running your wellness business at the PERFECT time and with the right training and guidance, success is inevitable.

This is where I was stirred to move As a Trainer to Women Wellness Practitioners, I have observed firsthand the challenges my students and clients face in integrating their transformation into their lives.

Realizing the need to bridge this gap, I have designed a program to help wellness practitioners achieve tangible success beyond ‘healed trauma’ through a fulfilling work-life balance that is supported by actual profitability.